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I'm Séraphine. I'm French. Welcome home to 17 Little clafoutis Street in Paris ! A clafoutis is a French cake with cherries. Well, it's my address ! Cool, right ?

In any case, better than 17 Brussel sprouts Street or 17 Flageolet beans Street !

And that's good because my passion is cooking and especially Snacks. But not snacks we buy quickly in supermarket ! No, delicious snacks we make DIY and enjoy licking one's fingers. Mmmm !

I love to write recipes and make my little cooking according to my desires every Wednesday. Then, as I love stories, I always sit comfortably in the living room where is my library and I read. It's so good to read ! It takes me away, in a fantastic world. When I think about it, I realize stories are like cooking. It's question to choose words to put in a pot. Spices of humor and action added, it remains only to toss. Then, you have it. There's more to enjoy !

So, if you like to cook and read, the door of my home is wide open and my books are at your disposal :

  • to my recipes, go to the Kitchen,
  • to others stories, go to the Living room.

You can visit the house and open all doors if you want. I planned to share with you : 

  • my discoveries, my favourites and my news on my Blog,
  • my games questions/answers on Quiz.

And if you go to my bedroom, do not fail to listen The little voice that sings under the floor !

Otherwise, if you want to leave a message on my Guestbook, do not hesitate ! 

Finally, do not forget to go to the Instructions before leaving. Important things are noted.

Have fun and come back when you want to 17, rue des mini-clafoutis  !


Séraphine, mad about stories and snacks

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